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Carnival Games
If you’re looking for a little something extra to go the extra mile on for your event, why not try one of Electric Blue Entertainments’ Carnival Games? We have a large selection of some of the most loved carnival games of all time, with packages from $45 to $95. Step right up and take a look!

Test your skill and see if you can knock down three ducks in a row
BULLS EYE See if you can shoot the target and get a bulls eye
TROLL TOSS   Knock down three funny furry trolls in a row and you win
MINI HOOP Finally smaller children can test their skill and see if they can dunk a pint sized basketball into a pint sized basketball hoop
CAN SMASH   You really have strength and finesse to knock all the cans off the pedestal
TKO   See if you can topple over 3 mean old wrestlers in a row
SHOCKWAVE   It takes nerves of steel and steady hands to conquer this game.
Don’t touch the pole as you make your way to the bottom or your out
POTTY TOSS Throw the ball in the toilet and win
PLINKO Guess what color in coin will slide to and you’re a winner
PITCH AND WIN   Just like pitching pennies on a sidewalk, you pitch on a target
NUMBERS You get three tries to land on the same number twice
COLORS You get three tries to land on the same color twice
PLUCK A DUCK See if you can pick the right duck out of the water and win

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  Packages from $45-$95

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